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There are only two choices in an unplanned pregnancy: life or death. 


From the single mother overwhelmed with the prospect of another unplanned pregnancy to the high school student needing guidance on pregnancy options, to the economically disadvantaged unable to provide basic necessities for their babies—countless people in our community are seeking hope in the face of hopeless situations.

You can provide that hope today.


In 2022 alone, we were given over 7,530 unique opportunities to share a message of life with our clients. In fact, every sonogram performed, diaper distributed, counseling session held, and class taught—since our founding in 1986—has been made possible by the faithful support of people just like you. 


After the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022, countless clients continue to walk through our doors full of fear and uncertainty. Rachel, a college student, is one of those clients. Pregnancy was not on this semester's syllabus, and she did not know if this was something she could do. Rachel was prepared to pursue an abortion. When she came to Next Step, she learned about her pregnancy options and was given resources. Through the support she received because of donors like you, she quickly came to realize that she could have her baby and her dreams.  


Because of donors like you, Rachel realized that she did not have to get an abortion. Rachel chose life! There are so many more women that are just like Rachel. Fearful, uncertain, and ashamed. Your gift can continue to support women like Rachel and save innocent babies from abortion. 


Each time you partner with us, the message of LIFE rings a little louder. Together, we will drown out the deceptive voices of organizations like Planned Parenthood.

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