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Young Adult Advisory Board

Joining the Young Adult Advisory Board offers you an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of parents and babies within your community. By utilizing your unique talents and gifts, you can contribute to enhancing the services and fulfilling the mission of Next Step Women's Center. Through this experience, you will forge valuable connections while honing essential skills in leadership, marketing, and ministry. And let's not forget, along the way, you will undoubtedly have a fantastic time, making this journey both fulfilling and fun!

 As a member of the Young Adult Advisory Board, you will have important responsibilities that directly contribute to the growth and success of Next Step Women's Center (NSWC). Your valuable insights and feedback will shape NSWC's marketing strategies and enhance the overall client experience. Additionally, you will actively participate in a strategic marketing initiative, utilizing your creative ideas and skills to drive impactful campaigns during your term. Furthermore, with the guidance and support of the Next Step staff, you will have the opportunity to organize a micro event aimed at both raising funds and fostering new relationships. These responsibilities offer a unique chance to make a tangible impact and contribute to the continued growth and mission of NSWC.

Young Adult Advisory Board requirements are:

  • Must be 19-29 years old.

  • Attend 6 out of the 9 monthly advisory board meetings starting in August and ending in April.

  • Volunteer at 2 of the 3 major events a year.

  • Complete one strategic initiative throughout your time on the board.

  • Complete one volunteer project through your time on the board.

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